Curriculum Vitae
László Zolnai

Personal data:

Born: 3 July 1948, Hajduböszörmény, Hungary,
Married with dr. Ágnes Balás in 1973,
Children: Dóra Erika (1975), Dávid Richárd (1980),
Grandchildren: Luca Rebeka (2004), János Boldizsár (2006), Sára Etelka (2018)
Current Address:

Doberdó u. 13. II./8.
4032 Debrecen, Hungary
+(36)-52-489-389, Home tel.
+(36)-52-509-220, +(36)-52-509-200/11313, Office tel.
+(36)-30-429-4935, Cell tel.
+(36)-52-416-181, Office fax


Positions and experience:

Awards and Honors:


Secretary of the PhD School in Physics at the University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary, (2001-2010)
Secretary of the former PhD Programme in Physics at the L. Kossuth University, Debrecen, Hungary, (1993-2000)
Secretary of the Section of Nuclear Physics and its Applications, Eötvös Roland Physical Society, (1991-1993)
Member, Eötvös Roland Physical Society, (1971-1993)
Scientific secretary, Institute of Nuclear Research, (1980-1981)
Deputy secretary for foreign affairs, Institute of Nuclear Research, (1976-1980)
Head of the class, L. Kossuth University, Debrecen, Hungary, (1966-1971)

Research Interests:

I am interested in nearly all facets of the computer physics though I am especially interested in the data processing problems connected to accelerator based experimental physics and simulation of behaviour of complex systems.
My recent scientific hobbies are on the field of the scientometrics, sociobiology and evolutional psychology.

Research Achievements:

Computer Experience:

Languages: ForTran, Basic, DBase, HTML, Perl, etc. (more than 15 languages)
Operating Systems: VMS, Unix, MS-DOS, Windows, etc.


English (reads, writes and speaks), Russian (reads, and speaks), German (reads)

Publications and independent citations:

Teaching Experience: