Footnotes Footnotes:
1 The author is researcher of the ATOMKI recently.
2 The author is one of the former researchers of the ATOMKI.
3 The author is researcher of an institution in Hungary other than ATOMKI.
4 The author is researcher from abroad.
+ The author has published the paper under name of the ATOMKI.
+N The author has published the paper under name of N research institutions included the ATOMKI.
These data for publications in 1999 will be corrected in April 2000.
SCI The publication/citation has been published in a SCI journal.
YEAR The year of the impact factor used.
Total number: The number of the items existing in the data base.
Headed by the ATOMKI: The number of the items where the name of ATOMKI (Institute of Nuclear Research) is explicitly written in the header of the publication.
Part of author(s): The part which is belonging to the recent or former member(s) of the ATOMKI (the number of the publications/citations is divided by the number of coauthors and multiplied by the number of the authors from the ATOMKI).
Part of ATOMKI: That part of the author(s) where the author published the according publication under name of the ATOMKI.
Non-local: The first author of the citation is/was not the researcher of the ATOMKI
Citations: No. of citations received for the publications published in the actual year
Citations found: No. of citations found in the actual year for all previous publications
Citations appeared: No. of citations for the all previous publications appeared in the actual year
Citational effectivity: (No. of citations)/(No. of publications)

The data here presented are according to the actual content of the ATOMKI database!