NUMEX02 workshop

29-30 November 2016, Debrecen

--------November 29th--------------------
9:00Brief introduction to the workshopG. de France
9:05Installation of EXOGAM2 and remaining issuesM. Tripon
9:35Software developments: GRUL. Legeard
9:55Results of the in-beam testsS. Ertürk
10:40Coffee break
11:00The NEDA detectorG. de France
11:15VIRTEX6 developments and PCIe readout for NEDAX. Egea-Canet
11:45Time measurements: TDC for NEDAM. Kogimtzis
14:00The DIAMANT arrayI. Kuti
14:15Particle identification with DIAMANTB. Nyakó
14:45Implementation of DIAMANT DSPM. Varga
15:15Results of tests (off- and in-beam)K. Szitha
15:50Coffee break
16:20Trigger processor for EXOGAM2M. Tripon
16:50EXOGAM2: Ethernet Gb with optical fiberA. Boujrad
17:10General discussions
19:00Social event
--------November 30th--------------------
9:00Firmware devs for VAMOS, LISE and a generic electronicsF. Saillant
9:30Software developmentsF. Saillant
9:50TRACE: Data decoding and readout using NUMEXO2R. J. Aliaga
10:20Firmware developments for PARISA. Czermak
10:40Coffee break
11:00FADC mezzanine for SIRIUS and feedback-loop; timingN. Karkour
11:30Firmware developments for SIRIUSX. Lafay
12:00Discussions: future possible evolutions; wishes from the community
13:30General discussions. More specific work in smaller groups.