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On Monday and Thursday evenings (following the afternoon sessions) student can have a short oral presentation about their research. According to the number of applications, the presentations can be 10 minutes long. The lecture room is equipped with Mac, Linux and Windows computers which can be used to present your *.ppt, *.pptx, *.pdf and *.key files. You may also use your own laptop but we prefer if you use the computers of the lecture room. In this case, give us your presentation well before your session.

Some refreshments will be provided in these sessions, but no food.

The planned program of the two evening sessions is the following:
Monday, from 17:30
Chiara Battistini
Exploring the origin and evolution of the odd iron-peak elements Sc, V, Mn and Co in the Milky Way stellar disk
Umberto Battino
Convective-Boundary Mixing instabilities in intermediate-mass stars: Impact on nucleosynthesis
Zach Meisel
Time-of-flight Mass Measurement of Neutron-Rich Nuclei in the Cl-Cu region
Pablo Jimenez
Activation Measurements of Neutron-Capture Stellar Cross-Sections at CNA(Seville) facility
Matthew Buckner
Thermonuclear Reaction Rate of 17O(p,g)18F: A low-energy, high beam current study at LENA
Shota Shibagaki
r-process nucleosynthesis in neutron star merger with new fission model
Sofija Antic
Relativistic mean-field model with momentum dependent self-energies
Wonseok Chun
Effect of overshooting on evolution of Wolf-Rayet stars
Hunchul Lee
The effect of rotation on the evolution of Pop III protostars
Stephen Quinn
Experimental capture reaction measurements for astrophysics
Thursday, from 17:30
Chris Sullivan
Understanding the sensitivity of Core-Collapse supernova to weak
interaction rates
Alex Deibel
How unique is the crust of an accreting neutron star?
Andrea Nagy
Semi-analytical light curve models of core collapse supernovae
Ramya Pozhath
Chemical tagging of stellar streams: Origin Scenarios
Andre Sieverding
Neutrino nucleosynthesis in the outer layers of core-collapse supernovae
Samuel Giuliani
Microscopic description of fission in the superheavy region
Jonas Refsgaard
Charactarisation of the 12C(a,g)16O-reaction through study of the beta-delayed alpha-decay from 16N
Alexander Arzhanov
Towards a fully-converged microscopic mass table with beyond mean-field correlations for r-process nucleosynthesis
Partha  Roy Chowdhury
Constraints on the equation of state for extreme matter