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July 2014
Based on the recommendation of the Council of Faculty of Science and Technology the Rector and Senate of the University of Debrecen awarded the Honorary Professor title to Dr. Béla Sulik scientific advisor, deputy director of MTA Atomki.

13-18 July 2014
26th International Conference on Atomic Collisions in Solids
13-18 July 2014, Debrecen, Hungary

30 June - 4 July 2014
NIC2014 School was organized at Atomki, as a satellite to the Nuclei in the Cosmos XIII conference.

June 2014
MTA Atomki has successfully tested its new Tandetron accelerator.
MTA Section of Phys Sci News
HAON news

June 2014
MTA Atomki on the cover page of NuPECC news.
PET/MR results on page 69 of Nuclear Physics for Medicine.

27 May 2014
Gábor Somogyi seminar
Higher order QCD corrections via local subtraction

May 2014
NI quotes reference the Atomki ECR laboratory

27 May 2014
Tamás Kovács was awarded the 2014 Physics Prize of MTA Section of Phys Sci.

April 2014
The remains of Saint Asztrik, 1st Archbishop of Kalocsa (9th century) have been analysed by radiocarbon dating at MTA Atomki AMS C-14 Hertelendi Laboratory of Environmental Studies. Their sample was 2 gram of a small fraction of finger bone. The grave was excavated in 1911, the radiocarbon dating result confirmed that these are the remains of the Archbishop. MTA news
Natonal Geographic news

April 2014
Prof. Julius Csikai, professor emeritus of MTA Atomki was given the title Freeman of Debrecen City.
Oklevél megtekintése

17-18 April 2014
International Workshop "Functional chalcogenide glasses"

January 2014
Short summary of 'PET imaging' research on

27 November 2013
Gábor Dajkó was awrded the Honorable Mention by the General Secretary of MTA.

25 October 2013
European Physical Society: MTA Atomki main building of an EPS Histori Site

26 Sept 2013
"I have really enjoyed the experience of working at MTA's ATOMKI, and I have learned a lot"
Interview with prof. Tim Jull on

27 Sept 2013
Researchers' Night

24-25 Sept 2013
ENIAC CSI /PTC and PCC meeting

9-12 Sept 2013
5th Hungary-Japan Bilateral Workshop on Statistical Physics of Breakdown Phenomena

1-2 Sept 2012
Visit of the Advisory Board

17-21 June 2013
Radionuclides in food Training program
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MTA Atomki hosts the 65th board meeting of the EPS Nuclear Physics Division in Debrecen, between 19-20 April, 2013. Further information about the activities of the EPS Nuclear Physics Division:

25-31 Jan 2013. 10:00
Quaternary Dating Methods Seminar
Timothy Jull
Bldg II, Room 216

4 Dec 2012
"There is a deep connection between us and the stars" Interview with professor
Thomas Rauscher on

22 Nov 2012. 11:00
LHC T3 Grid Centre in Debrecen (workshop)

19-23 Nov 2012.
Thomas Rauscher
intensive course on nuclear astrophysics

12 Nov 2012. 10:00
Opening ceremony of the Hungarian Science Festival, Szalay-award ceremony (DAB)

24-25 Sept 2012
Visit of the Advisory Board

6-7 Sept 2012
ENIAC CSI project meeting

27 June 2012
We regret to inform you that our unforgettable colleague and friend, director of Atomki between 1976 and 1990, former vice president
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Professor Dénes Berényi
passed away on 27th June, at the age of 84, after a short but fatal illness endured with tolerance.
The funeral ceremony was held in Debrecen, on 5th July.

19-20 April 2012
The European Nuclear Science and Applications Research (ENSAR, FP7) held a Joint Research Activity (JRA) workshop meeting in Atomki. The topic of the meeting was: Advanced Research on Ecr ion Sources (ARES). The agenda, a meeting photo, and a lab visit photo are avaliable.

15 Mar 2012
Dezső Horváth was awarded the Széchenyi-prize

5 Mar 2012
Gábor Kiss was awarded the MTA Youth Prize.

5 Mar 2012
Szabolcs Szilasi and János Farkas were awarded the Atomki Youth Prize.

22 Feb 2012
Student interviews:
Florent Doyelle and Quentin Ogier

24 Oct 2011. 10:30
80th birthday ceremony of
Prof. István Lovas

6 Oct 2011
Atomki Advisory Board visit

27-30 Sep 2011
Workshop on Dynamics and Control of Atomic and Molecular Processes Induced by Intense Ultrashort Pulses, CM0702 WG3 meeting

23 Sep 2011
Researchers' Night

11-14 July 2011
FLAME - 3rd facilitation coach training

2-15 July 2011
CERN travelling exhibition in Debrecen
Introduction of the European Particle Physics Laboratory

7-9 June 2011

The participants of the WIRE conference visited our institute.

6 June 2011

37th ESFRI Meeting at Atomki Lecture Hall.

23 Feb 2011
Rezső Lovas
received the Pro Scientia Medal of DAB HAS

4 Nov 2010 10:00
Informal workshop on the 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be reaction

27 October 2010. 15:00
Hungarian-Japanese Joint Working Seminar on Studies of Fundamental Parameter Database and Atomic Processes for High Precision Quantitative Analysis using X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (in the frame of the bilateral MTA-JSPS scientific research cooperation project)

24 September 2010
Researchers' Night

17 August 2010
For the liveable environment
"Clean Garden - Nice House" awarded to us.

11-18 July 2010
Balaton Summer School in Physics
Researchers of ATOMKI participate in the Medical Physics session.

11 May 2010
RadiCal Project No. 231753
Development of an Innovative, Accurate, Monolithic 2D CVD Diamond Based Radiation Dosimetry System for Conformal Radiotherapy Solutions

9 April 2010. 11:00
Rezső Lovas "Debrecen Város Díszpolgára"
The award ceremony took place at the Old City Hall.

6-7 April 2010
István Major: XII. OFKD conference
III. award in the Section of Environmtneal Physics.

27 March 2010
Dénes Berényi has received the Honoris Causa honorary degree at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), Romania

3 March 2010
Mihály Novák has won the Young Scientist Award of the HAS.
László Palcsu and Péter Salamon have won the Young Scientist Award of ATOMKI.

9 Feb 2010
Egyetemtörténeti Közlemények,
MMX vol. 1 nr. 1, pp. 35-41.
Szalay Sándor
- a hazai atommagfizikai alapkutatások elindítója
abstract in English
paper in Hungarian
Tibor Fényes

25 Jan 2010
ITD Hungary Ltd.
the Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency
has published the following documents:
      R&D in Hungary: With Business in Mind (see pages 9 and 11).
      Nanotechnology in Hungary 2009 (see page 4).

15 Jan 2010
On Friday, January 15th, representatives from the European Commission, from NuPECC and from 18 national agencies funding Nuclear Physics in Europe will attend the second meeting of the Governing Council of NuPNET, the ERA-NET in Nuclear Physics Infrastructures and discuss a first "list of transnational opportunities", which should pave the way to a joint funding of future Nuclear Physics actions. This second meeting of the NuPNET Governing Council will take place at the Hungarian Office for Research and Technology (NKTH), who is not only one of the 18 member institutions of NuPNET, but also a key player in developing and implementing Hungary's science, technology and innovation policies and in financially supporting the R&D activities.
Programme: 14-15 Jan 2010 Meeting at NKTH, 16 Jan 2010 visit to ATOMKI.
Ref: Cordis

4 Jan 2010
Ferenc Tárkányi has been invited to be a member of the
International Nuclear Data Committee.