The ATOMKI logo can be downloaded in the following formats:
atomki logo hi-res transparent bgr.gif
atomki logo blue132 hi-res transparent bgr.gif
atomki logo blue198 hi-res transparent bgr.gif
atomki logo blue255 hi-res transparent bgr.gif

The following photos show the micromachined logo of ATOMKI. This logo was made in ATOMKI by the scanning nuclear microprobe on 30 µm thick SU-8 layer spuncoated on a Si wafer. The scanned figure resolution was 1024 pixel, the beam spot size was 1.5 µm, the scanned area was 1 mm2. The irradiated area was removed during chemical ethcing, the unirradiated area remained intact.

DF (dark field), focus on the top of the SU-8 resist

DF, focus on the Si wafer surface

DIC (Differential Interference Contrast)



These optical microscope images were taken on a Ziess Axio Imager microscope, that we purchased in the framework of the project GVOP-3.2.1.-2004-04-0402/3.0. There are a number of different microscope contrast techniques available:

Further reading about these techniques are on the Zeiss website.