Job descripition:
The Institute of Nuclear Research (ATOMKI) intends to contribute to the fusion programme by developing of a highly sensitive tritium calorimeter designed for large (up to 50 litres) samples for ITER applications, such as tritium storage uranium beds, plasma-facing structural components of fusion reactors, tritium shipping containers after unloading, etc. Developing an electronic control and a data acquisition system including digital signal processing for a detection limit of 1 µW is a challenging duty. The ATOMKI makes a leading attempt to develop extremely sensitive temperature derivative sensors in order to make possible the measurement of large samples with high heat capacities. The trainee will be involved in this R&D topic. In the ATOMKI she/he will participate, on the one hand, in the measurement of tritium in different ways. On the other hand, she/he will be involved in sensitive measurements of very tiny currents and voltages so that she/he is familiar in such electronic measurements that are crucial for producing sensitive calorimeters.
University diploma or master degree in physics or chemistry. Knowledge in informatics, or electronics. Good English language skills.
Contract duration: Three years
Starting date: From 01/07/2009 to 01/09/2009
Application up to: 5th June 2009
Contact person: Dr. József Molnár (jmolnar at; +3652509200)

The following advert is in Hungarian only, because the job requires knowledge of Hungarian anyway.

Tudományos segédmunkatárs
Prof. Dr. Csikai Gyula akadémikus, emeritus professzor mellett

kísérleti kutatások végzése a ciklotlonra alapozott és más radioaktív neutronforrások felhasználásával, különös tekintettel az elméleti és gyakorlati jelentőségű neutron indukált magreakciók és spektrumok meghatározására, neutrongázfizikai vizsgálatok a fosszilis energiahordozók minősítésére, főleg a H és C/H adatok meghatározása révén