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Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest (BUD) is the nearest airport with many flights to various European destinations. There is a good train connection to Debrecen, or a shuttle-ride of less than 3 hours.
Debrecen Airport (DEB) is much smaller but operates some flights, e.g. to London and Eindhoven. It was recently announced that new flights will be available to Paris, Brussels, Malmö and Milan.

Airport transfer

From Budapest to Debrecen

Door-to-door service, the most convenient way from Budapest airport to Debrecen. The organizers can assist you to book this service. There are several companies:

Typical procedure: they need your flight number (arrival time), the destination address and your mobile number. They will send you a text message with pick up info: time, place (arrivals exit), car registration number. You will have to look for the car, don't worry it's easy to find (it is useful to look at the company website, because the cars are shown on photos). The drivers accept cash payment in HUF or EUR, or you can make a bank transfer before the flight. Return fares are cheaper than two single trip. For the return they will make sure to arrive at the airport at due time for checking in.
Depending on your flight arrival time, you can go to the hotel first or directly to Atomki.

From Debrecen Airport to the City centre


From Budapest or Miskolc direction, take "Debrecen Nyugat, Hortobágy" exit of M35 motorway. Then turn left towards the city on road 33, and go all the way straight (5.8 km about 10 min). At the tramline crossing of "Bem tér" take a left to "Simonyi utca", and the first left to "Poroszlay utca".

Road number 4 connects Debrecen to Szolnok and Hajdúszoboszló to the west and Nyíregyháza to the east. Take "Nyíl utca" at "Árpád tér", this will take you to "Bem tér", and take a right here to "Simonyi utca", then the first left to "Poroszlay utca".

From Szeged or Romania, you are coming in road no.47. Go straight until you reach the tramline, and take a right at the tramline crossing into "Péterfia utca", by "Debrecen Plaza" shopping centre. Go straight along the tramline until you reach the institute on your left, and turn left to "Poroszlay utca".


In Budapest, there are three main railway stations: Eastern (Keleti), Western (Nyugati) and Southern (Déli), with other outlying stations like Kelenföld. Trains depart almost in every hours from the Western Station to Debrecen. It is recommended to use the Intercity Train Services, see this website for more detailed informations:

Public transport

Budapest's public transport is well covered with metro, buses, trolleybuses, trams, suburban railway lines, boats and many other special vehicles.
Debrecen's public transport is also well covered with trams, trolleybuses, and buses. The workshop will take place at Atomki, which is near the city centre, and only a short walk to the tram stop. Tramline 1 goes everywhere necessary: railway station, city centre, shopping centres, university, great forest (park), thermal bath, etc.

EU citizens over 65 years old have a right to travel on local public transport for free. In case you would like to use this option, please have a passport or ID with you.

How to get to ATOMKI

By train and tram

Debrecen is a large railway hub, many domestic and international services are available. You can take the tram line 1 from the station to Atomki via the city centre. (There is a tramline 2 as well, so always pay attention to the numbers.) The institute is situated between "Bem tér" and "Weszprémy utca" stops, i.e. 7th or 8th stop from the station. See the map below.

Click on the map below to enlarge it. The interactive version of the map is at the bottom of this page.

You can buy tram tickets at the railway station, newsagents, supermarkets, or by the driver (with a little surcharge).


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