Investigation of gas generation in situ  Composition and activity variations in bulk gas  of drum waste packages of Paks NPP

Application of a portable QMS in Paks NPP   Metal container instead of glass bulb in tritium measurement by 3He ingrowth method

Dissolved Stable Noble Gas Measurements from Primary Water of Paks NPP Measurement of beta-emitters in the air around Paks NPP, Hungary

Dating of total soil organic matter used in kurgan studies   Isotope investigations of thermal waters in the Pannonian Basin, (SE) Hungary

Isotopic composition of precipitation in Hungary in the last three years   Isotope hydrological study of the Pasnyag karstic spring

Környezeti izotópok vizsgálata a Lónyai-f§csatornán   Study of gas generation in drum L/ILW packages using hermetic containers

Monitoring of atomspheric 14CO2 in Central European Countries   Fine mapping of tritium emission using absoption vapour samplers

Dissolved Gas Measurements of the Cooling Ponds of Paks Nuclear Power Plant, Hungary   Performance test of a new graphite target production facility in ATOMKI

Monitoring of excess atmospheric 14C around Paks NPP   Combined techniques to date the first turkish bridge over the river Tisza, Hungary

Characterization of low level scintillation counting of absorbed 14C samples produced in ATOMKI
  Monitoring system with automatic sampling units in the surroundings of Paks NPP

Monte Carlo simulation of LSC pulse spectra and interfering effects indication
Developments and results from the new Hungarian graphite target line

A 6-yr record of stable isotope ratios of hydrogen and oxygen and temperature correlation of δ18O in precipitation from Eastern Hungary
 Development of a mobile and high-precision atmospheric CO2 monitoring station

Geochemical and stratigraphic analisys of ice from Bortig Ice Cave, Romania
  Radiocarbon dating of the last volcanic eruption of the Ciomadul volcano, Southeast Carpathians

Development of an automatic sampling unit for measuring radiocarbon content of groundwater
  Radiocarbon monitoring in the Czech Republic and Hungary 

Vörs-Máriaasszonysziget - a multi-period archeological site in SW Hungary
  New radiocarbon dates from the late neolithic tell settlement Hódmez§vásárhely-Gorzsa, se Hungary

Radiocarbon-dated paleovironmental changes on lake and peat sediment sequence from the central part of the Great Hungarian Plain (Central Europe) during the last 25,000 years