Instrumental background

Low background γ-detector

The HPGe γ-ray spectrometer (Canberra Model BE5030) situated in the underground low background laboratory of the Institute is equipped with a preamplifier (Canberra model 2002 CP) and an U-type cryostat. The detector has an active diameter of 80 mm and a carbon epoxy window with 0.5 mm thickness. The γ-ray spectral data are recorded by a multichannel analyzer (DSA-2000) processed by peak search and nuclide identification software (Genie 2000). The protection against cosmic rays and other background noises is realized by the 777B type lead shield. The dewar is located beside the shield and the horizontal arm extends through the side of the shield.

The main parameters of the γ-detector are the following:

Energy 5,9 keV 59,5 keV 122 keV 1332,5 keV
Resolution ev (FWHM) 500 660 700 2150


Isotope 241Am 55Fe 57Co 60Co
Energy (keV) 59,5 5,9 122 1332,5
FWHM (eV) 555 437 659 2025
FWTM (eV) 1024 - 1221 3799