Sample submission

Samples will be processed, billed and results reported to you by a record number. It is important therefore sample submission to be accompanied by the filled out ordering sheet (Fny5.8-1) as well as any other document containing extra information about the sample (publications, worksheets, 14C datasheet (Fny5.9-2). For an easier identification each sample (bag, canister, box) has to be labelled.

The label (readable written) has to contain the following data:

  • Submitter ID (company/institution, address)
  • Sample name (abbreviation, code, occurrence)
  • Sample quantity
  • Sample characteristics (type, composition, sample origin)
  • Sampling date
  • Sampler name

Water samples have to be shipped in well closed plastic or glass bottles to avoid the contact with air.

In case the sample needs pre-treatment (i. e. chloroform addition to the sample), special storage (i.e. low temperature) or special handling (i.e. samples for radiocarbon dating have to be wrapped in plastic bags to avoid the contact with modern carbon from paper box or cotton wool) previous consultation with the LES’s staff is recommended.

Sampling has to be representative and the samples submitted homogenous and identificable.

In case of radioactive materials shipping, handling and packing must follow the international standard requirements (i. e. ADR).