Research activity

II. Aquifer vulnerability studies

Many aspects of hydrology, hydrogeology and water quality, as well as environmental protection subjects have been covered:

  • Study of hydrogeological aspects of groundwater protection in karstic areas.
  • Determination of the catchment area of the Vrana Lake on Cres Island, Croatia and measurement of residence times in karstic aquifers in Rijeka Bay.
  • Determination of the origin of sulfate, nitrate and residence times of karstic waters in aquifers near Almeria, Alicante and Granada (Spain); prediction of the consequences of overexploitation.
  • Determination of radiocarbon concentration and origin of thermal karst waters, mixing ratios, travel times for karstic waters in the region of the Bükk Mountains, Hungary
  • Geodynamics and water quality protection in natural porous media
  • Isotope techniques in the hydrological assessment of potential sites for the disposal of chemical and communal waste in eastern Hungary.