International projects

The LES took part in several international projects related to research in the field of nuclear technology, intercomparison of data and development of new radioanalytical techniques:

No. Year Client Title of the project
PH4.01/95 1995-2000 PHARE - MAGNOX (Spain) ERŐTERV Ltd (Hungary) Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedures for the Safe Management and Disposal of L/ILW.
SLO-1/96 1996-1998 INR/HAS (Hungary) - Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia) Environmental impact of nuclear industry
I-39/95 1995- 1997 Hungarian-Italian Intergovernmental Co-operation Project Simulation of pollutant dispersion in aquifers
FI 2W-0034-0109 1994-1995 CEC PECO Paks NPP, INR/HAS, INT/TUB, DPC/TUB, (Hungary), Empresa Nacional de Residuos Radioactivos (ENRESA), Kernforschungsanlage Jülich (KFA), Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique (CEA) and Studicentrum voor Kernenergie (SCK/CEN) Inventory and characterisation of important radionuclides for safety of storage and disposal. Correlation with key nuclides which are easy to measure in typical waste streams.
FIRI 2000-2001 University of Glasgow Fourth International Radiocarbon Intercomparison
TRIC2000 2000-2001 IAEA Intercomparison Exercise of Low-Level Tritium Measurements in Water
ESIR 2002- European Society for Isotope Research Compiling isotope database
CZ-8/2004 2004-2009 Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic Quantitative analysis of radionuclides in the vicinity of nuclear facilities
VIRI 2004-2008 University of Glasgow The Fifth International Radiocarbon Inter-comparison
EURATOM 2006-2010 German, Romanian, French, Italian, Hungarian co-operation Fuel Cycle Training Network
TRI-TOFFY 2008-2012 German, Romanian, French, Italian, Hungarian co-operation Goal Oriented Training Network
TRIC2008 2008-2009 IAEA Inter-comparison Exercise of Low-Level Tritium Measurements in Water
ISOFOOD, RO-36/2007 2008-2009 National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Cluj-Napoca, Romania Applications of stable isotopes in the study of food and water quality

The Safety Analysis of the Püspökszilágy Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility

Phare Project PH4. 12/95. The project started on 6 September 1999 and was focused on provision of safety assessment and waste management issues. The INR/HAS as subcontractor, performed a complex activity related to characterisation of the inventory, undertaking measurements at the site and participating in the safety assessment in close cooperation with the contractor (AEA Technology).

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