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Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Herteleni Laboratory of Environmental Studies
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Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Hertelendi Laboratory of Environmental Studies
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A MICADAS type Accelerator Mass Spectrometer was installed to our Laboratory in July of 2011. The system is suitable for determination of radiocarbon content of the invastegated samples. The MICADAS was developed by Ion Beam Physics of ETH Zürich.


One of the subdivisions of the Section of Environmental and Earth Sciences is the Laboratory of Environmental Studies (LES), a multidisciplinary team dedicated to research in nuclear analytical methods, stable isotope measurements and systems technology. In operation for more than 15 years it has established a national and international reputation as a premier analytical laboratory, known for pioneering efforts in radiometric and stable isotope analysis techniques. It has considerable expertise in isotope measurements, radiocarbon dating, tritium measurements, monitoring activity around nuclear facilities and modelling of radionuclides in the environment, most of its projects being strongly related to the Paks NPP activity. In 2010 the title "Strategic Research Infrastructure" was given to our Laboratory by the Hungarian government.

Study of the environmental impact of nuclear facilities >>

–Monitoring of radionuclide activity concentration released into the water and air, fuel failure studies, radioanalysis of primary and secondary coolant, inventory and characterization of radwaste, radwaste management, determination of activity concentration of difficult to measure radionuclides, study of gas formation in radwaste during the storage, calculation of radionuclide transport and in situ measurement, safety assessment of radwaste disposal, R&D directed to identification and selection of radwaste disposal site

Aquifer vulnerability studies >>

Water age determination, mean residence time and mixing ratio calculations, modelling of contaminant transport and pollutant dispersionin the aquifer, water table delimitation studies, hydrology and hydrogeology, determination of origin of water, groundwater protection, determination of recharge areas, thermal water exploitation

Paleoenvironmental reconstruction studies >>

Reconstruction of microenvironmental changes in the history of Hungary, investigation of vegetation and climate history during the Holocene Era, determination of environmental change line in the territory of Hungarian Plain

Archeology >>

Investigation of the "life span" of prehistoric settlements in Hungary, chronology of different cultures, radiocarbon chronology of the Neolithic and Bronze Age

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