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The scientific topics to be covered are the following:

  • Astrophysical sites and processes for p-nuclide synthesis (e.g.,  γ-, rp-,  ν-,  νp-, pn-processes and neutrino-winds)
  • Experimental and theoretical nuclear physics for the p-nuclide production
  • Open questions in nuclear physics and astrophysics for the s- and r-processes
  • Observational constraints on heavy element nucleosynthesis
  • Galactic chemical evolution studies for heavy element production
  • Experimental techniques relevant for heavy element nucleosynthesis

But since the aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working in the field of heavy element nucleosynthesis, the above topics should be considered only as a guideline.

No proceedings of the workshop will be published. The presentations of the speakers will, however, be posted to the website of the workshop upon permission of the speaker.

Debrecen, Hungary
10-12 April, 2013.
Workshop on "Open problems and
future directions in heavy
element nucleo-