May 12 - 17, 1997, Debrecen, Hungary


This is the third and last announcement for the International Symposium on Exotic Nuclear Shapes to be held in Debrecen at the headquarters of the Debrecen Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (DAB, Bolyai u. 27-31.). The symposium will be opened at 10.00 on Monday, May 12, 1997 and closed on Saturday 13.00, May 17. The morning sessions usually begin at 9.00, the evening ones at 16.00. Thursday afternoon will be left for a fascinating excursion to Hortobágy, the `Magyar Puszta' near Debrecen.



The invited papers, oral and poster contributions, accepted for presentation by the Programme Committee, will be published in the journal Heavy Ion Physics. A maximum of 12, 4 and 2 pages will be allocated to the authors of the invited talks, contributed talks and posters, respectively. Authors are requested to send their manuscripts to the secretariat before May 17, 1997 in LaTeX format. An example file with instructions as well as the necessary style files can be downloaded from the WWW site of the symposium. The organizers are also willing to send these files by e-mail on request.


The number of already registered participants has almost reached the planned size of the symposium. Nevertheless, in a limited number we can still accept new applicants, who can download application forms from the WWW site of the symposium. The registration fee is 450 DEM. (At present 450 DEM corresponds to ~45000 Hungarian Forints (HUF). HUF is regularly devaluated by 1.2 % per month.) The registration fee covers the admission to sessions, the program & abstract booklets, the reception, the excursion, the conference dinner, the refreshments at breaks, the conference proceedings and tickets for local transportation between the Aranybika hotel and the place of the symposium. The registration fee for accompanying persons is 100 DEM which covers the reception, the excursion and the conference dinner.


Although the deadline for hotel bookings in Aranybika Hotel (March 21, 1997) is over, the organisers will do their best to help participants in solving accommodation problems. For the convenience of those who want to arrange their accommodation privately, a few addresses and phone numbers of hotels can be found on the WWW site of the symposium.


Registration will take place in the evening on Sunday 11th May, starting at 16:00 at the Aranybika Hotel. On Monday 12th May our registration desk will be open at the conference location (DAB, Bolyai út 27-31). You can download here the PostScript file of the scientific program.


Payment of the registration fee at registration time can be made by:


Cancellations must be received by mail or by fax. All refunds will be made following the symposium. Please take into account that only the registration fee will be refunded to participants whose request for cancellation is received after April 24, 1997. An administration fee of 50 DEM will be deducted from all refunds.


Deadline for hotel cancellation April 24, 1997
Manuscripts for the proceedings (to be received) May 17, 1997
Payment of registration fee (on the spot) May 11-12, 1997


The available area to put your poster on is 120 cm (width) x 130 cm (height). Pins for mounting your sheets will be provided on the spot. The posters could be mounted onto the boards on Tuesday and left there untill Saturday morning.


Participants from most countries (e.g., EC and many other European countries, USA, etc.) do not need any visa. If you, however, do need a visa, please contact the Hungarian diplomatic mission nearest to your place in advance. It is essential that participants take out insurance to cover the usual items (e.g., medical expenses) that may occur in such cases.


By air: There are no direct flights to Debrecen. The nearest international airport is Budapest-Ferihegy. It has two terminals about 4 km from each other. From the airport you can use the airport minibus shuttle service (1000 HUF/person) or Taxi 'tele5' (~2000 HUF/route) that take you to the Nyugati railway station, from where trains leave for Debrecen.

By car: Debrecen is located in the Eastern part of Hungary within a few hours drive from Budapest (road No. 4 [E-573] or highway M3 then road No. 33). It is possible to rent a car at the Budapest airport. You need an international credit card, passport and your national driving license. The typical rates are USD 30-52/day plus USD 0.36- 0.58/km.

By train: You should travel from the Nyugati railway station in Budapest to Debrecen. It takes 2 hours and 20 minutes by InterCity (IC) or 3 hours by regular trains. IC trains depart in every 3 hours from 7:05 to 19:05. The following timetable includes IC trains and also other fast (rapid) trains:

From Budapest to Debrecen: 6:10 7:05 8:10 10:05 11:10 12:10 13:05 14:10 15:10 16:05 17:10 19:05
From Debrecen to Budapest: 6:14 6:58 9:14 9:58 11:14 12:58 13:14 14:14 15:14 15:58 17:14 18:58

One-way tickets (Budapest-Debrecen) cost: 1st class: 1752 HUF, 2nd class: 1168 HUF, seat reservation is compulsory on IC trains at a cost of 250 HUF.


In Budapest, different 'zone tickets' are in common use for the different kind (bus, tram, underground) of public conveyance to be purchased in advance at newsstands, tobacco shops, hotel reception, etc. Tickets for the underground must be validated at the entrances. In Debrecen different line tickets are used for trams (50 HUF) and busses (60 HUF). A ticket is valid for one journey and must be validated with the ticket puncher inside the vehicle. From the railway station you can take the tram. (There is only one line in Debrecen.) The hotel is at the second stop. For your orientation in Debrecen, a schematic map can be seen here showing the Hotel Aranybika, the place of the symposium (DAB) and the route of bus No. 31. You can use this bus to travel between bus stops at the Post Office (very close to Hotel Aranybika) and DAB. Buses leave every 5-10 minutes. Travel expenses for this line are included in the registration fee.


Hungarian Forint Ft(HUF). 1 DEM ~103 Ft, 1 USD ~173 Ft.


J. Äystö (Jyväskylä)
R. Broda (Cracow)
N. Cindro (Zagreb)
C. Fahlander (Lund)
N. Frascaria (Orsay)
M. Fujiwara (Osaka)
J. Gizon (Grenoble)
G. Graw (Munich)
B. Haas (Strasbourg)
M. N. Harakeh (Groningen)
J. Jastrzebski (Warsaw)
I. Lovas (Debrecen)
R. G. Lovas (Debrecen)
S. Lunardi (Padova)
W. Nazarewicz (Tennessee, Warsaw)
F. S. Stephens (Berkeley)
J. F. Sharpey-Schafer (Cape Town)
Z. Sujkowski (Swierk)
P. J. Twin (Liverpool)


A. Krasznahorkay (Chairman)
S. Y. van der Werf (Co-Chairman)
B. M. Nyakó (Scientific Secretary)
M. Csatlós
Zs. Dombrádi
Z. Gácsi
J. Gulyás
M. Hunyadi
Z. Máté
J. Timár
L. Zolnai


Correspondence should be sent to

A. Krasznahorkay
Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
(ATOMKI) Bem tér 18/c,
P.O.Box 51, H-4001 Debrecen, Hungary
Tel: +36-52-417-266
Fax: +36-52-416-181

A postscript version of this third announcement can also be downloaded from here.

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