Activities in the field of research, development and mass spectrometry applications

    The Laboratory of Secondary Neutral/Ion Mass Spectrometry was established six years ago in the Nuclear Research Institute, Debrecen, Hungary, for surface analysis purposes. The SNMS/SIMS machine is suitable for the analysis of conducting and insulating materials and of buried interfaces, for depth profiling of scientific and industrial samples, for impurity and contamination analysis and for sample analysis in environmental physics.
    By SNMS/SIMS and other sample analyzing techniques which are also available in our institute (X-Ray Diffraction, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy, Electron Spectroscopy methods) we can perform a complete quantitative surface analysis of the thin layers/multilayers in order to determine the sample composition with high depth resolution (~1 nm) or lateral distribution. Our main research area is the studies of solar cell structures, investigation of solid state reactions in layered systems, thermal stability of multilayers, motion and transformation of interfaces in thin layer structures. We perform measurements for industry regularly. The main fields of these measurements are the examination of functional surface layers, thin layer coated glasses and to check product quality.

Investigation for the Industry

Determination impurities in medicine stock
Depth profiling of solar cells
Investigation of depth structures of the float glass coatings used in architectural industry

Building parts


Ion optic for SIMS/SNMS

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Equipment for cleaning Ta, Mo, etc. masks
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