11 June 2010:
    ATOMKI June Festival (pictures)

    27 April 2010
    Janos Timár defended his DSc thesis entitled "Exotic shapes in rotating nuclei".

    19 May 2009
    Scientific talks and celebrations on the occasion of Tibor Fényes' 80. birthday

    10 April 2009
    Home defence of Lóránt Csige's PhD thesis

    7-9 April 2009.:
    Two of our "diploma workers" (student preparing his/her master thesis in our Section) participated in OTDK (National competition for undergraduate students involved in research)
    István Kuti (1. prize), Tamás Tornyi

    3 December 2008:
    Zsolt Dombrádi defended his DSc thesis entitled "Change of nuclear shell structure close to the neutron drip line".