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Laboratory of Electrostatic Accelerators

1MV Van de Graaff Accelerator

Technical data:

Nominal acceleration voltage range 90-1500 kV
Typical acceleration voltage range 90-1000 kV
Energy stability 10 keV
Minimum energy step 5 keV
Maximum beam intensity, direct H+ 80 µA
Maximum beam intensity, analysed H+ 12 µA
Ion source inductively coupled RF source
Available ion species H+, He+, C+
Beamline tubes diameter 80 mm
Accelerator tank dimensions 1m x 2m
Accelerator tank volume 1,8 m³
Maximum pressure used 11 bar
Insulating gas mixture 80% N2 + 20% CO2
Charge transportation made by belt
High vacuum system oil diffusion pump
Vacuum measured in the high vacuum system 1,3-2,6 x 10E-6 mbar
Bending angle and radius of analysing magnet 90°, 600 mm
Magnetic field of analysing magnet measured by Hall probe
Number of active targets 2011 1