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Table of contents
Preface i
Organizational structure of ATOMKI ii
Data on ATOMKI iii
International connections iv
Running research projects, grants iv
Higher education activity iv
Finance v
Table of contents vi
Research at the Section of Experimental Nuclear Physics of Atomki 1
1. General Physics
1.1 Systematic survey of a four-parameter subclass of Natanzon potentials 29
2. Particle Physics
2.1 Bosonization and functional renormalization group approach in the framework of QED2 30
3. Nuclear Physics
3.1 On high precision astrophysical factor measurement for the 3He+4He reaction 31
3.2 Cross section measurements of astrophysically important proton capture reactions on Nitrogen isotopes 32
3.3 The 106Cd family problem 33
3.4 Cross section measurements of the 121Sb(α,γ)125I reaction at astrophysical energies 34
3.5 In-beam γ-spectroscopic study of rotational bands in 132La 35
3.6 High precision determination of the half-life of 133mCe for nuclear astrophysical application 36
3.7 Medium- and high-spin band structure of the chiral-candidate nucleus 134Pr 37
3.8 Total reaction cross sections from 141Pr(α,α)141Pr elastic scattering and -induced reaction cross sections at low energies 38
3.9 Phase transitions in algebraic cluster models 39
4. Atomic and Molecular Physics
4.1 Ionization of noble gas atoms by H0 impact 40
4.2 Investigation of MeV proton microbeam transmission between two flat plates - the cases of metallic and insulator plates 41
4.3 Time-resolved photoemission by attosecond streaking: extraction of time information 42
4.4 K-shell ionization of Cu by positron impact 43
4.5 K-shell ionization of copper by proton and antiproton impact 44
4.6 Can positrons be guided by insulating capillaries? 45
4.7 Ionization by intense and short electric pulses - classical picture 46
4.8 State selective electron capture in low energy positron and argon collisions 47
4.9 Iterative solution of the time dependent Shrödinger equation 48
4.10 Energy and angular differential recoil ion spectra in collisions between positron and helium atom 49
4.11 Experimental (e,2e) study of resonant Auger states of Ar 50
4.12 Broadening of electron beams through a single glass macrocapillary 51
4.13 Charge evolution associated with electron transmission through a single glass macrocapillary 52
4.14 Mutual neutralization in low-energy H+ + F- collisions 53
4.15 Resonances in photoionization: Cross section for vibrationally excited H2 54
4.16 Photon energy dependence of left-right asymmetry parameters of Kr 4p photoelectrons in the vicinity of 3d resonant excitations 55
4.17 Interaction between 4p photoionization and 3p resonant excitation channels of krypton 56
4.18 Lifetime measurement of the metastable 1s2s2p4PoJ state of the He- ion in a cryogenically cooled electrostatic ion-beam trap 57
4.19 Classical Monte Carlo code for the determination of atomic cross sections for fusion related collision systems 58
4.20 Fragmentation of H2O and CH4 molecules induced by 1 MeV N+ ion impact 59
4.21 Electron cloud simulation of the ECR plasma 60
5. Condensed Matter, Materials Science and Analysis
5.1 Stabilization of intermediate NiSi phase in NiPt/Si(001) and Ni/Pt/Si(001) nanodimensional film compositions 62
5.2 Effect of pressure on photo-induced expansion of As0.2Se0.8 layer 63
5.3 Enhancement of photoinduced transformations in amorphous chalcogenide film via surface plasmon resonances 64
5.4 Heat treatment induced structural modification of boron-doped ZnO layers 65
5.5 Determination of chemical state of Al doping element in ZnO layer 66
5.6 Scanning transmission ion microscopy of polycarbonate nanocapillaries 67
5.7 Compaction of PDMS due to proton beam irradiation 68
5.8 Chemical changes in PMMA as a function of depth due to proton beam irradiation 69
5.9 The use of electron scattering for studying atomic momentum distributions: the case of graphite and diamond 70
5.10 Interpretation of eRBS for H quantification at surfaces 71
5.11 Test of image acceleration by distant collision of proton microbeam 72
5.12 Charging dynamics in electron transmission through Al2O3 capillaries 73
5.13 Ultrathin tellurium nanowires in polymer assisted solution-phase process 74
5.14 Nucleation and growth dynamics of ultrathin tellurium nanowires 75
5.15 Iron ion implantation into C60 layer 76
5.16 Total and angular differential elastic cross sections of fusion related materials 77
6. Earth and Cosmic Sciences, Environmental Research
6.1 Fourth interlaboratory comparison exercise for δ2H and δ18O analysis of water samples (WICO2011) 78
6.2 Noble gas constraint on genesis of the multistacked Répcelak CO2-CH4-N2 gas field Western-Hungary 79
6.3 Soil C-14 dating of the Lyukas-halom kurgan 80
6.4 C-14 dated paleoenvironmental changes on Lake Kolon during the last 25,000 years 81
6.5 Noble gas measurements from 1-3 µl of AEW 82
6.6 C-14 signal of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant in the nearby treerings 83
6.7 Fossil carbon in the winter time aerosol in Debrecen city, 2010 84
6.8 Chemical characterization of workplace aerosol particles at Atomki 85
6.9 Determination of radioactivity of 79Se in waste of NPP using 75Se as tracer 86
7. Biological, Chemical and Medical Research
7.1 Major and trace elements in mouse bone measured by surface and bulk sensitive methods 87
8. Developments of Methods and Instruments
8.1 Status report on the accelerators operation 88
8.2 Creation of convex microlenses in PDMS with focused MeV ion beam 91
8.3 Sample holder for studying temperature dependent particle guiding 92
8.4 Feasibility test for production and separation of 103Pd 93
8.5 γ- and X-ray sensitivity comparison of a LEPS and a coaxial HPGe detector for astrophysical γ-process experiments 94
8.6 Simulations for a compact electron-positron spectrometer 95
8.7 Investigation of the absolute full-energy peak efficiency of a large LaBr3 detector 97
9. Conferences organized by Atomki
9.1 International Workshop on Dynamics and Control of Atomic and Molecular Processes Induced by Intense Ultrashort Pulses 98
9.2 The FLAME project in Atomki 99
9. Appendix
9.1 Events 100
9.2 Hebdomadal Seminars 101
9.3 Awards 103
9.4 List of Publications 104
  9.4.1 Highlights 104
Author index 106