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Affiliation with the Debrecen Universities


As is mentioned in the section Historical Background, the University of Debrecen was divided into "partial" universities at the end of the forties. Since the change of the social regime, 1989, there has been an aspiration as well as external stimulation to re-unite the universities. As a doorstep to a united university, in 1991 an organization called the Debrecen University Association ("Universitas" in Latino-Hungarian) came into being.The member institutions were

The aim of this organization was to stimulate cooperation between the member institutions and thereby to prepare them for unification into a single Western-European-style large university.

The joint ventures between the member universities and ATOMKI stimulated by the University Association are as follows:

In March 1998, a further step towards (re-)unification was taken by creating the Debrecen University Federation. A university federation is a federatively organized covering organization, which is a university itself, but does not annull the former status of its members. By signing the Federation Charter, the member institutions have undertaken to merge in two years. The members of the Federation are Since ATOMKI is not an educational institution itself, it has declared its affiliation as an associate member. It is understood that this status will not be changed by the merger of the full members. Thus the status of ATOMKI as a research institute of the Academy of Sciences is to be preserved.


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