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The site of the Workshop, Debrecen - town since the 14th century - located in the North-Eastern part of Hungary, in the middle of the Hungarian Great Plain at a distance of 220 km (130 miles) from Budapest, is the second largest Hungarian city (with ca. 210,000 inhabitants). In the 16th century the town, described as the "Calvinist Rome" became the centre of the reformation in Hungary. For short periods in 1849 and 1944 Debrecen was the temporary capital of the country. The Calvinist College has a traditional importance in culture and education with its library having a remarkable collection of old books. The University of Debrecen is the largest university in Hungary. Famous for the high level health service based on them, Debrecen has thermal baths. The nearby "puszta", the Hortobagy National Park, with its special fauna and flora is no less fascinating.

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The workshop will take place at Atomki (Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences). The lectures and round-table discussion will be held in the institute's board-room, which is also suitable for video conference. Information


There are several hotels in walking distance, and some others easily accessible by tram from Atomki. Some of the nearby hotels are

More budget-conscious options include

Even more budget-conscious option is the Atomki Guest House. The guest house is situated inside the territory of the institute. It has 3 small apartmants with basic equipments (bedroom, small kitchen, bathroom, wifi) for a price of 4500 HUF/person/night. Breakfast is not served in the guest house. If you wish to chose this option, please contact the organizers.

Travel information


Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest (BUD) is the nearest airport with many flights to various European destinations. There is a good train connection to Debrecen, or a shuttle-ride of less than 3 hours.
Debrecen Airport (DEB) is much smaller but operates some flights, e.g. to London and Eindhoven. It was recently announced that new flights will be available to Paris, Brussels, Malmö and Milan.

Airport shuttle service

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Door-to-door service, the most convenient way from Budapest airport to Debrecen. The organizers can assist you to book this service. There are several companies:

Typical procedure: they need your flight number (arrival time), the destination address and your mobile number. They will send you a text message with pick up info: time, place (arrivals exit), car registration number. You will have to look for the car, don't worry it's easy to find (it is useful to look at the company website, because the cars are shown on photos). The drivers accept cash payment in HUF or EUR, or you can make a bank transfer before the flight. Return fares are cheaper than two single trip. For the return they will make sure to arrive at the airport at due time for checking in. Depending on your flight arrival time, you can go to the hotel first or directly to Atomki.

Train from Budapest to Debrecen

Trains from Budapest to Debrecen also stop at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. The Ferihegy railway station is located near Terminal 1, which is accessible by a few minute bus ride from Terminal 2. Take the Airport Bus No. 200E from Terminal 2 to the railway station stop, which is called "Ferihegyi vasútállomás" ("Ferihegy railway station").

You can buy a ticket on the bus from the driver. You can also buy a ticket from the ticket vending machine at the bus stop. The bus trip from Terminal 2 to the stop for the train station takes about 10 minutes.

BUD Terminal 2A

To get to the platform to Debrecen you have to cross the roadway and the rails by means of a footbridge (check the availability of the elevators). InterCity trains to Debrecen run hourly from 6:43 am till 7:43 pm. The journey takes about 2 hours. To use InterCity trains you need to buy train ticket and IC supplementary ticket (seat reservation) as well.

Ferihegy railway station

The Hungarian state railway company MÁV operates a domestic ticket office at the Ferihegy train station every day from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Even if the ticket office is closed railway tickets to certain destinations can be purchased from the vending machines placed on the platforms. To destinations which are not enlisted by the vending machines, tickets and IC supplementary tickets will be issued without extra charge by the conductor on board.

Local transportation in Debrecen

Debrecen city center

Line of tram No. 1 connects the main railway station with Atomki and Debrecen University. Atomki is close to tram stop "Bem tér". Also, there are several hotels at different convenience and price categories along this tram line.